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The Plight of the Starving Artist – the CLASSICS Act may provide some relief.

UPDATE - Since this article was written in 2017, the CLASSICS Act was incorporated in the Music Modernization Act, passed in December 2019. The plight of the “starving artist” is timeless and history is replete with [...]

Secret Blend of 11 Herbs: Three Things to Know about the 2016 Defend Trade Secrets Acts

By Drew Harris How delicious are those 11 “secret herbs and spices” assembled by Harland Sanders in 1930 for his popular “Kentucky Fried Chicken” sold at his local service station? It was so “finger lickin’ [...]

Lessons Learned: Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz disparages Trump and his book “The Art of the Deal”

  By Erin Thiele and Barry Neil Shrum, Esq. In the mid-1980s, Donald Trump approached Tony Schwartz to ghost write his autobiography.  At this point in time, Trump was in his early 30s and did [...]

Sorting out the DOJ Ruling and its impact on performance rights

The first of the month (August 2016), the Department of Justice issued a summary of findings with regard to two court orders that govern the operation of two of the U.S. performing rights organizations (the [...]

The Cat’s in the Cradle: The adventures of child sensation Maddie Ziegler

By Erin Thiele and Barry Neil Shrum, Esq. From the reality television show, Dance Moms to best-selling Sia album covers (including Chandelier, Elastic Heart, Big Girls Cry and Cheap Thrills), Capezio commercials, to featured judging [...]

AMFM Entertainment Cuts Electronic Dance Music Deal with Mogul Boys Production

For many years now, I have represented Freddie May in his various endeavors, including his production company Starpath Productions. About 10 years ago, Freddie started working with a young female artist living in rural Kentucky, [...]