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Welcome to my personal webpage, home of my personal and educational blog, Law on the Row, dedicated to helping struggling creators – artists, songwriters, producers, actors, filmmakers – learn more about the world of entertainment and copyright law.  If you need legal services, I encourage you to check out my firm’s webpage from the drop-down menu above.  Otherwise, thank you for checking me out!


Barry Neil Shrum, Attorney, Author, Speaker & Educator

Barry Neil Shrum, Esquire has been practicing law for over 30 years.  While in theology school in Glenside, Pennsylvania, Barry’s two older brothers called for help in establishing a music publishing company.  Through the experience of research and setting up Painted Cow Publishing, Inc., Mr. Shrum discovered his love of the law.

He officially began his career as a “Philadelphia lawyer” in the litigation department of a mid-sized Center City firm and then went in-house as counsel to a Fortune 50 conglomerate, all the while honing his legal skills to fulfill his goal of defending the rights of under-represented musicians, songwriters, and artists.  In 1996, he decided to realize the dream by returning to the site of his roots, Tennessee, and building a practice in Music City.

Mr. Shrum was soon identified by SkyNet Radio as one of “America’s Premier Entertainment Attorneys.”  Also known as the “Shark’s lawyer” because of his representation of Daymond John, Mr. Shrum is dedicated to protecting the intellectual property rights of creators, inventors, businesses and entrepreneurs, representing celebrities at all echelons and in all facets of the entertainment and creative industry and arts, as well as start-up businesses and entrepreneurs.

P.T. Barnum said that “the noblest art is one of making people happy.”  Mr. Shrum has a passion for defending those noble artists and others who are working creatively to achieve their dreams.

Recommendations & Awards

Avvo Superb Rating

Mr. Shrum has received the top rating, 10, on Avvo, the world’s most respected internet-rating site for lawyers, for over 10 years.

American's Most Recognized Lawyer

American's Most Recognized Lawyer

The American Registry ranks Mr. Shrum as among the top 10% of lawyers worldwide.

Highest Martindale-Hubbell Rating

The Traditional Lawyer Rankings

Mr. Shrum continuously receives the highest AV ratings on Martindale-Hubbell

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to represent some really amazing clients, each one of which weaves a thread of individuality into the tapestry that is my career.  I want to thank each one of them for their loyalty and for the words they’ve chosen to recommend me.  I appreciate each and every one of them.   -BNSesq


“A trusted confidant”

I wish I had known Barry during my days at Epic and in the mid 80’s when I was managing Michael. When I moved to Nashville, he was one of the people I relied on and trusted. A great friend and a wise lawyer. Thank you Barry.  -RIP Frank Dileo, 1947-2011, Michael Jackson’s Personal Manager

“Fortunate to have found Barry”

Pool Kings

About a year ago, I received a call from a production company who wanted to produce a pilot for a reality TV show. I build pools, so I didn’t know anything about the entertainment business. I’m fortunate to have found Barry.  They helped me understand the business and my contract. The pilot was picked up and we’re now in the middle of a season that is growing in popularity. Thank you! – Kyle Peek, Pool Kings & Peek Pools & Spas

“The Closer”

Daymond John

Barry defends the principles that give entrepreneurs, inventors and creators the inspiration to take action and create new businesses – and new ideas – every day. I call him “the Closer.”  -Daymond, John, The Shark Group

“Guru of Celebrity Endorsements”

David Gold D3M

Barry is an indepensible member of the team at D3M. Simply the best at taking deal points I throw at him, frequently when I’m on the go between meetings, and turning them into enforceable contract language. He’s helped me close dozens of deals and it my “go to guy” for creating my licensing deals. -David Gold, D3M Licensing Group

“My ‘go to’ guy”

entertainment lawyer

Barry represents some of the most influential movers and shakers in the creative industries, as well as many businesses like mine. He is an excellent entertainment lawyer, skilled in all aspects of intellectual property.  He taught me everything I know about the law.  Barry is the one person I turn to when I have legal questions or need a contract to reflect the many deals that I put together.”  -Jay Leopardi, AvenueAR

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