A successful R&B/hip hop collaboration comes along very rarely, one such as I’ll Be There For You/You’re All I Need To Get By by Method Man & Mary J. Blige.  But come along it has.  My friend and client, Lance, has teamed up with Mista Freezy to produce what is sure to be a classic.  Lance and Mista Freezy are calling their collaborative efforts “Joker’s Wild,” an the resulting song, Long Hair has already created significant buzz on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

UPDATE:  The song is quickly becoming viral!  It hit the charts on “Tweet my Song” at 355 on July 27, then shot up to #44!  The song is available on iTunes and will soon be available directly from Lance’s website, Lancesongs.com

JW-img-02Lance is a singer/songwriter and one of kind in today’s music industry.  Lance is not afraid to be true to himself and his craft.  Many first recognize him by the hat on his head or the distinctive way he dresses.  Most, however, remember the lyrics he sings and the way his adoring fans sing along.  Each song he writes and performs seems ripped directly from his “heart and soul” and delivered with passion and emotion.  Soon you’ll be singing along too!  With the release of his album What you Make It on April 20, 2011, the world caught yet another glimpse of Lance’s soulful talent as he took it to the streets with a 64-date tour and television and radio campaign.

Brandon N. Foxx is commonly known as "Mista Freezy" throughout the musical industry.  He is definitely another talent to be reckoned with. Brandon’s production skills are exemplary, and his saavy as an artist reflects his extensive experience, despite his young age.

"Mista Freezy" first made an impact on the industry in 1999 at age 14 with a hit single "When we Ride out", and has been going full steam since then. Shows with Master P, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie, and Beanie Siegel (just to name a few) add to his credibility as an artist, and as a producer, he has national placement. During this time frame of production and shows, Brandon also released two mixtapes, "Alone in the Game", and "Cohesive Player," which both received rave reviews.

In 2009, Freezy digitally dropped "GOD OF RAP", his 1st album, which sold several thousand copies and introduced him to the world. Germany and Sweden still have him ranked high in their playlists. He also attended SXSW,and did features in Spin Magazine and FADER FORT. In 2010, Brandon founded Money Hungry Mogul Musik Group, and made the transition from artist/producer to Owner/CEO, to further his interests on a global scale in the music industry and engage in the executive facet of the music business. Currently in 2011, Freezy is anticipating his 2nd album release, "Summertime Music" in June . Freezy has been certified with ASCAP since 2000 and has two Independent Hollywood music awards for best hip-hop production and best R&B production to his credit; Also, he has won best male artist at the Alabama Black Arts Festival in Huntsville, AL. Freezy also has had three major movie roles to his credit, most notably in CONSTELLATION. In essence, Brandon Foxx is multi-talented and the true definition of Southern Hospitality.

Both Lance and Brandon are home spun Alabama boys ya’ll!

Listen to Long Hair for yourself:

Long Hair, by Joker’s Wild (aka Lance & Mista Freezy)