Daymond John

Leon Russell

Frank Dileo

Charlie Calello (The Four Seasons)

D3M Licensing Group (Flo Rida)

Logan Brill

Sonny LeMaire (Exile)

Walter Thurmond III

The Estate of Bo Carter

Jennifer O'Neill (Summer of '42)

Warren Haynes

Will Hoge

Josh Osborne

Rat Trap Racing

Diverse Clients

Entertainment Law has always been our primary focus.

We are entertainment lawyers first and foremost. But we are also intellectual property lawyers, technology lawyers, corporate lawyers, business lawyers, trademark lawyers and copyright lawyers.  Every client brings unique experiences to our resume.  Our diverse clients, both past and present, weave a tapestry of personal experiences that make us who we are.  Not only have we represented some of the most recognizable names in entertainment and angel investing, but we have represented those who are just starting out and those in between.  At Shrum Hicks & Associates, we try to take each client where they are and figure out who they want to be and what it will take to get them there.  We believe in each of our clients and believe it is our job to help them succeed at whatever it is they do.  Whether they are venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, music publishers, television and movie producers, authors, sculptures, songwriters, or business people, each client comes to us with unique and diverse legal needs.  It is our goal to treat each one as if they were our only client.   That’s why most of our clients have been with us for over a decade.  We are responsive, efficient and attentive.  So, call us now to feel the difference.

Why Are We The Best at Entertainment Law?

Our company mission is to protect the legal and intellectual property rights of individuals.
Original Ideas, particularly those expressed in the creative arts, are indispensable to the advancement of human knowledge. The protection of such expression is essential to human progress.
We pledge to be responsive to your legal needs by providing unique personal attention.

The Shark, Daymond John’s Lawyer

Shrum Hicks & Associates, PC

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Celebrities, Sports & Entertainers

  • Daymond John (The Shark Tank)
  • Larry the Cable Guy

  • Leon Russell (1942-2016)

  • Glen Campbell (1936-2017)

  • Guy Gilchrist (The Muppets)

  • Walther Thurmond (XLVIII Super Bowl Champion)
  • Frank Dileo (1947-2011)(Michael Jackson’s Manager)

  • Jennifer O’Neil (Summer of ’42)
  • Pat Boone

  • Tyler Reddick Racing

  • Buzz Cason

  • Chauncey Leopardi
  • Rat Trap Altered Fuel Vehicle
  • Faye Woodruff, p/k/a “The Grandmother from Hell”

Business & Corporate

  • Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame

  • The Shark Group
  • Church Music Publishers Association

  • Outback Concerts

  • L’Alpina Water Corp.
  • Remnants of Israel, Inc.
  • Segal Media
  • Jay Leopardi Enterprises
  • Hope Family Enterprises
  • CAPS Auto Recon Inc.
  • Gospel News Network
  • Kidz by Design
  • Butler Company, Inc.
  • Save the Music Foundation
  • CIGNA Companies
  • My Blind Spot, Inc.

Technology, Digital & Influencers

  • Dude Perfect


  • ZebraZoodle

  • Bed & Breakfast Inns Online
  • Fantasy Frontiers/Dead Dragon Society
  • Thomas Puckett Companies
  • Digome
  • Eyebuy, Inc.
  • Digital Interactive Entertainment
  • Elephone App
  • Cate App
  • American Music Channel
  • ProPlayerConnect
  • Barry Fiala Inc.

Licensing & Celebrity Endorsement

  • Shark Branding
  • D3M Licensing Group
  • Cedarmont Kids
  • Bad Boy Branding
  • Art Brands
  • Estate of Humphrey Bogart (w/co-counsel)
  • Liberty Enlightening the World Foundation

Movie & Radio Production

  • Red Clay Pictures
  • Carolina Gulfstream Productions
  • Jill Melody Productions
  • Music Row Show
  • Shannon McCombs
  • Peek Pools & Spas

Book Publishing, Theatrical & Photography

  • Dexterity Collective Book Publishing

  • Visual Impression Pyrotechnics (Backstreet Boys)
  • Mackinaw Theater
  • Premier Global Productions
  • Beejtar (The Suburbs)
  • Tracy Fitzgerald Photography
  • Leafless, Inc.

Musical Artists

  • Paramore

  • Maverick City Music

  • Randy Travis

  • Warren Haynes (Government Mule, Allman Brothers)
  • Leon Russell
  • Colton Dixon

  • Tina Adair

  • Todd Tilghman (2020 Voice Winner)

  • Will Hoge
  • Kevin Max of dcTalk
  • Little Texas

  • Aaron Tippin

  • Bryan White

  • Logan Brill
  • Natalie Madigan

  • Jesse Lee
  • Annie Moses Band

  • Joe Diffie (1958-2020)

  • Josh Osborne
  • Trick Pony

  • Shenandoah

  • Buffalo Rome
  • Brittany Wells
  • Barry & Batya Segal
  • Russ Lee

  • Roland Kent LaVoie (Lobo)

Songwriters, Publishers & Producers

  • Pat Alger

  • Phil Vassar

  • Marcus Hummun
  • Sonny LeMaire

  • J. Fred Knobloch

  • Stephen Allen Davis
  • Dan Penn
  • Jody Allen Sweet
  • Lonnie McIntosh
  • Bucky Lindsey
  • Altru Creative

  • Sandy Linzer
  • Charlie Calello (The Four Seasons)
  • Hope Publishing

  • Allen Butler
  • Mark Allen Productions
  • Dawna Bradford
  • Lorenz Music

Executives, Labels, Consultants & Personal Managers

  • Broken Bow Records

  • Black River Entertainment

  • Lofton Creek Records

  • Zamek World Marketing
  • Potty Mouth Records
  • Porter Gentry (Bernard Porter)
  • MuSick Recordings, Inc.
  • Underground Music, LLC
  • Grand Entertainment (Joe Meador)
  • Tower Music Group
  • Spindletop Records

This list is intended as a representative sample of the types of clients Shrum Hicks & Associates PC represents or has represented in the past and may contain clients who do not have ongoing matters handled by the firm.  In those instances, we are not claiming, nor do we intend to imply, that we handle all matters for that client.