written by Jeff Scheese

Law on the Row is making the jump from digital to “old skool” hardcover. Barry Neil Shrum’s article The Magical Ring of Gyges: Why Illegal Downloading is So Rampant in the Age of Cyberspace was selected by author and editor Thomas J. Hickey, responsible for the Taking Sides book series published by McGraw-Hill.  Mr Shrum’s article is set to appear in the next edition of his Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Crime and Criminology . This will be the third edition oclip_image002f Mr. Hickey’s book. The books are set up in a “point/counterpoint” debate structure, and Mr. Shrum’s article will go toe to toe with an article from famed singer Janice Ian on the issue of illegal downloading of intellectual material from the internet.

As we all know, Piracy is becoming more and more of a problem in recent years due to many advances in technology. Shrum’s article takes the side that it is human nature to steal and take the plunder if they know they can get away with it and cites the famous mythological story “The Ring of Gyges” written by Plato. However there are those that know right from wrong and will remain from engaging in the piracy. It is his hope that if people choose to respect others intellectual property by not stealing it then it will encourage others to be creative without the worries of their own works being stolen. It is a very well written article that brings a lot of truth to the issue and really digs down into people’s motivations and discouragements of music piracy. Ian’s article The Internet Debacle – An Alternative View takes the opposing view that all music should be free to download from the internet.  The books thus establishes both positions, allowing the reader to “take sides,” i.e., see both sides of the argument and can then make their own judgment about the issue at hand for themselves.

The publication date is set for October 12, 2012. You can purchase either the hardcover edition or, for those of you with a Kindle, the Kindle edition. Both will be available on Amazon.



Jeff Scheese, a senior at Belmont University which an emphasis in music business, is currently interning with Shrum & Associates.