My new client, Lance, releases his new album, What you Make It on April 20th.  Backed up by the Peterson family, Lance joined forces with Berklee College of Music graduate, Randall S. Peterson, who produced this collection; another Berklee grad, Paul Meyer, did the mastering.image

The finished product is being met with stellar reviews.  This praise is indicative:

. . . one song that I have to chose as my over all play repeat and do it again song it would be “So Into You” . . .  Lance did not hold out any of his heart and soul on this song as well as guitar and piano solos that make you want to roll the windows down and drive fast. This jam alone is one of many reason you should purchase this entire album.

imageFreelance writer Sherry Bach has this to say:

The feel of Lance’s music takes me back to the Atlanta Rhythm Section and Lionel Richie, two greats whose music never gets old.  If you don’t remember who those artists are, just think sexy, raw, emotional, beat driven, and mood setting guitar licks – preparing us to feel good and fall in love.

Read the full review here.

Another blogger, educator and freelance writer, Anna Summers, summarized as follows:

[Lance’s music] is an eclectic mix of pop/rock and alternative songs with a distinctly soulful, bluesy-vibe that is trademark Lance. There’s something for every palette—from the sexy, sultry “Meet Me Downstairs” to the upbeat, charismatic, can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head Hey EverybodySo Into You promises to be the anthem of summer with its mesmerizing lyrics and shoreline groove. True to its title, this album meets you where life and love intersect, inviting you to make the most of every moment.

From a different media, disc jockey “OC” at KRUF 94.5 FM in Shreveport, Louisiana raves “Excellent tunes Lance! . . . Love the Downstairs tune but then again I love them all!

Finally, Sylphie Mitchell of The Last Note Standing says:

Favorite track . . .?  For me, it’s a tough choice. If I want to dance, I’m going to pick “So Into You” because you can’t help but move when you hear it. For quiet moments and pure feeling, I want to listen to “Downstairs” and “I Wish You Were Here”. Lance’s music and lyrics are strong, and given even more depth and color by the Peterson family, who back him up instrumentally. All in all, for this writer, I have to say to LANCE that I “Got Love” and that I “Want (more) Love!”

Lance is currently on a tour of the Hot Topic retail outlets across the Southeast, currently appearing in Regency Square Mall in Jacksonville, Florida.  He will be back in the Music Row area on April 19th appearing at the Belcourt Taps & Tapas in Nashville, and then at Borders Books in Brentwood and then at the Cool Springs Galleria on April 20th.  Be sure to get out and show your support.

Find out for yourself what everyone is talking about.  Submit your own review!  But by all means,  pre-order the CD here.