DSC_0628Nashville, Tennessee.  Lance Songs announces that he recently inked a deal with Barry Neil Shrum, Esquire of Shrum & Associates to represent him in the entertainment industry.  Lance is an emerging artist whose music is very soulful and whose writing is inspiring.  Lance‚Äôs album Rise and Shine Hero sold over 50,000 units, and he has been features in Billboard Magazine (June 13, 2008 issue) and Business Week (June 6, 2008).  Lance recently landed a tour of all Hot Topic stores across the Southwest, which will begin in early April and continue through the summer.   This is in addition to his already full touring schedule.  Lance is currently on tour at various venues in California, but will be back in the Nashville area to appear on Borders Books & Music in Brentwood, Tennessee on April 20, 2011.  Find out more about Lance and his tour on his website.

I Wish You Were Here (ME My Mine Publishing/BMI)