Barry Neil Shrum, Esq

Founding & Managing Partner

Our founder, Barry Neil Shrum, Esquire has been practicing law for 25 years, starting our his career as a “Philadelphia lawyer” in the litigation department of a mid-sized Center City firm and then going in-house as counsel to a Fortune 50 conglomerate, all the while honing his craft for the his dream of defending the rights of under-represented musicians, songwriters and artists.  In 1996, he decided to realize the dream by returning to the site of his roots, Tennessee, and starting practice in Music City.

Mr. Shrum has been identified as one of “America’s Premier Entertainment Attorneys.”  He is dedicated to protecting the intellectual property rights of creators, inventors, businesses and entrepreneurs, representing celebrities at all echelons and in all facets of the entertainment and creative industry and arts, as well as start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. P.T. Barnum said that “the noblest art is one of making people happy.”  Mr. Shrum has a passion for defending those noble artists and others who are working creatively to achieve their dreams.


  • Adjunct Professor, Mike Curb School of Music Business, Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee, Divisions of Music Business and Entertainment Industry Studies.  Classes taught include Entertainment Law & Licensing, Copyright Law, Legal Issues in the Entertainment Industry, Cyberlaw, Music Publishing & Music Business Survey, 2009-present.
  • Guest appearances on the Music Row Show (WSM 650am and BlueHighways TV), various 2008-2010
  • Guest appearances on Malcom West’s Motorsports Today & Country Music Radio Show (WSM 650am), various 2007-2009
  • Featured in Music Row magazine’s In Charge edition, 2008
  • Featured in Nashville magazine’s Music Industry edition, 2007
  • Entertainment Law 101, Argosy Art Institute, May 19, 2008.
  • Interviewed for a segment on, an online live programming resource for entertainers, 2007.
  • Interviewed for a segment on Skynet Radio, which appeared on United Airlines in-flight radio, 2006.
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  • Defending the Noble Arts:  A legal guide to licensing, protecting & monetizing intellectual properties. Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2020
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  • Featured Contributor,  Songwriter’s Market 2016, Cris Freese, ed., Writer’s Digest Books, 39th Edition (November 2, 2015)
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  • Contributor, Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Crime and Criminology, 10th Edition, McGraw Hill (Oct. 10 2012)
  • Origins of an Idea, An Apologetic for Original Expression, CreateSpace, 2011
  • Editor, Law on the Row, a marketing publication targeted at developing new clients.
  • A Day in the Life of a PDA-Enabled Lawyer, originally published on &, 2003; Reprinted or Linked on the following web publications:, Palmtops/PDA’s; Punch & Jurists Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 11. No. 14; Paul L. Boley Law Library; and Handakte WebLawg (German).
  • The impact of MP3 on songwriters and the music industry, American Songwriter, Jan-Mar 2000
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  • Avoiding the Legal Power Trap, Delaware Law Forum, Vol. 17, No. 1, Sept. 1989.
  • “Setting the Standards,” featured in Currents, the monthly publication of C.A.S.E. (Council for the Support of Education), Washington, D.C., November 1988.
  • Bo Carter v. Eric Claption, et al., U.S.D.C. Middle District of Tennessee, Case No 3:17—2722, Represented the estate in copyright infringement action –Settled.
  • Jack Victor Miller v. Kenneth Hurst, et al., U.S. Middle District of Tenn., Case No. 3:17-cv-0791, Represent Kenneth Hurst & Lilibeth Music Publishing against pro se plaintiff in copyright infringement action – case dismissed in favor of clients.
  • Music City Metals, v. Jingchang Cai d/b/a Xincheng Company, et. al., Middle District of Tenn., Case 3:17-0276, Represent Oceanside BBQ Parts Factory Inc. and service as local counsel for 8 other defendants in copyright infringement defense – settled.
  • Garth Brooks v., LLC, National Arbitration Forum, Claim Number: FA0011000096097, Represented Complainant.. Decided January 3, 2001 in favor of Complainant.C. Russell Bridges p/k/a Leon Russell v. Steve and Ruth Kahn a/k/a Steve Kahn Assoc. a/k/a, National Arbitration Forum, Claim Number: FA0111000101818. Represented Complainant. Decided in favor of Complainant, December 27, 2001.
  • Word Music Corp. et al. v. Lynn Corporation, et. al., U.S.D.C. Middle District of Tenn., Case No. 3:09-0411, Represented Defendant in karaoke copyright infringement litigation- Withdrew.
  • C. Russell Bridges p/k/a Leon Russell v. Steve and Ruth Kahn a/k/a Steve Kahn Assoc. a/k/a, National Arbitration Forum, Claim Number: FA0111000101818. Represented Leon Russell in domain name dispute. Decided in favor of client, December 27, 2001.
  • Douglas Snider v. Leon Russell, individually and d/b/a Young Carney Music, Chancery Court, Davidson County, Case No. 04-2805-IV. (Represent Defendant – Motion to Dismiss granted with regard to several counts – remaining counts settled in favor of Defendant).
  • Marty Stuart v. Sherry Mattioli, National Arbitration Forum. Represented Complainant.
  • The Dixie Devils v. Castle Records, Chancery Court of Davidson County, (Represented Plaintiffs – settled prior to trial in favor of clients).
  • Bob Evans v. ZYX Music Corp., U.S.D.C. Middle District of Tenn., (Represented Plaintiff – settled prior to trial in favor of Plaintiff).
  • Warren Haynes v. Dennis Robbins Music, et al., U.S.D.C. Middle District of Tenn., (Represent Plaintiff – significant financial settlement prior to trial in favor of Plaintiff).
  • Dan Penn, Buckey Lindsey, Lonnie McIntosh v. Brooks & Dunn, Sony Music and EMI Music Publishing, U.S.D.C. Middle District of Tenn., Case No. 3:97-0077
  • Tony Evans, Photographer v. State of Tennessee, Tennessee Claims Commission (Dismissed).
  • Stephen Allen Davis v. Al Gallico, U.S.D.C. Middle District of Tenn., Case No. 3:02-0443 (Represented Plaintiff – Dismissed on Summary Judgment).
  • Charles Callelo v. Smith Music Group, et al., U.S.D.C. Middle District of Tenn., Case No. 3:03-0035 (Represent Plaintiff – Verdict at trial – judgement for the Plaintiff).Sandy Linzer v. Smith Music Group et al., U.S.D.C. Middle District of Tenn., Case No. 3:03-0034 (Represent Plaintiff – Settled Prior to Trial).
  • Faye Woodroof, p/k/a “The Grandmother from Hell” v. Donna Carter, U.S.D.C. Middle District of Tenn., Case No. 3:02-0225 (Represent Plaintiff – Settled Prior to Trial).American Federation of Musicians v. Charles Callelo, Chancery Court, Davidson County, Case No. 01-3679-1 (Represented Defendant – Settled in mediation)
  • Best Entertainment Law Firm – Tennessee, Acquisitions International, 2020
  • America’s Most Honored Lawyers, American Registry, 2020
  • Premier Lawyers of America, 2020
  • Annual Mentor Appreciation Award, Nashville Entrepreneur Center, 2017
  • LexisNexis Registry of Preeminent Lawyers, 2008-present
  • Top Ten Entertainment Firms in Nashville, Nashville Business Journal, 2008-2009
  • AV Rating, Martindale-Hubbell, 2000-present
  • Avvo Rating – 10 (Superb), 2009-present
  • In Charge, Music Row magazine’s Decision Makers edition, 2008
  • America’s Premier Lawyers, Skynet Radio, 2007
  • National Registry of Who’s Who, 1999
  • Recipient, Meritorious Service Award, Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts 1997
  • Harrington Inn of Phi Delta Phi (legal honor society), 1990
  • Who’s Who Among American Law Students, 1989
  • Shrum, Hicks & Associates, PC * Nashville, Tennessee * 2009-Present
    • Founder & Managing Partner, Specialist in copyright and trademark infringement, intellectual property, licensing, and celebrity endorsements. Represent clients in the entertainment, music and technology industries in transactional matters and in related litigation (both plaintiff and defense work). Focused primarily on intellectual properties, including copyright and trademark with a particular expertise in music-related areas. Also represent small business clients as regards business formation, venture capital and corporate governance.
  • Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame  * 2017-Present
    • General Counsel, Board Member ex officio, serve as general counsel and legal advisor to the Board of Directors and President
  • Belmont University, Mike Curb School of Entertainment & Music Business * Nashville *  2009-Present
    • Professor, full time instructor teaching courses in entertainment and music business law and intellectual property.
  • Harris, Martin, Jones, Shrum, Bradford & Wommack, P.A. * Nashville, Tennessee * 1997-2009
    • Member Partner, same as Shrum, Hicks & Associates above.
  • Art+Entertainment Law Group * Philadelphia, Pennsylvania * 1996-1997
    • Founder & Managing Partner, same as Shrum, Hicks & Associates above.
  • CIGNA Companies * Philadelphia, Pennsylvania * 1994-1996
    • Corporate Counsel, Major Claims Litigation, Internalization Unit, collaborated with a team of two other attorneys to internalize all discovery phases of corporate litigation by developing and utilizing an in-house database of appropriate responses to interrogatories and document requests
  • Clark Ladner Fortenbaugh & Young * Philadelphia, Pennsylvania * 1991-1994
    • Associate, Law Clerk & Paralegal, Litigation Department, assisted senior members of department with defense of complex litigation involving environmental insurance coverage claims.
  • Attorney’s General Office, Family Court * Wilmington, Delaware * 1991
    • Assistant Attorney General, Summer Extern Program, prosecuted, settled and tried misdemeanor claims against juveniles.
  • Northeastern Christian Junior College * Villanova, Pennsylvania * 1989-1991
    • Faculty & Communications Director, as director of communications, developed, wrote and created all public relations materials

Trust lawyer & counselor for over 25 years

Like most brothers in the 70’s, Mr. Shrum and his brothers formed a band in which Mr. Shrum was the drummer.  In the early 1990’s, Mr. Shrum’s brothers decided to start an entertainment company with one of their old college roommates and call him to help them set up the corporation, draft the necessary agreements, and get affiliated with the performance rights organizations.  The process kindled a flaming desire to help the creators of the world fulfill their mission in life.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Shrum quit his current employment, attended Delaware Law School at Widener University and dedicated his career to defending creators and songwriters, helping them license, monetize and exploit their intellectual creations.  In addition to managing Shrum Hicks & Associates PC, Mr. Shrum is a professor at the Mike Curb School of Entertainment and Music Business where he teaches entertainment, licensing and copyright law.  Mr. Shrum practices in the following areas:

  • Intellectual property, including copyright, trademark and rights of publicity
  • Business transactions and contracts
  • Business formation and corporate structure
  • IP Litigation & Defense
  • Celebrity Endorsements

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Barry Neil Shrum, Music Row In Charge




In 2006, Mr. Shrum was Identified as one of “America’s Premier Entertainment Attorney” and nterviewed for a segment on Skynet Radio, which aired exclusively on United Airlines inflight radio.

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Relied upon & trusted, a great friend and wise lawyer.

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