Barry Neil Shrum, Esq

Founding & Managing Partner

America Premiere Entertainment LawyerOur founder, Barry Neil Shrum, Esquire has been practicing law for over 30 years, starting our his career as a “Philadelphia lawyer” in the litigation department of a mid-sized Center City firm and then going in-house as counsel to a Fortune 50 conglomerate, all the while honing his legal skills to fulfill his goal of defending the rights of under-represented musicians, songwriters and artists.  In 1996, he decided to realize the dream by returning to the site of his roots, Tennessee, and building a practice in Music City.

Mr. Shrum was soon identified as one of “America’s Premier Entertainment Attorneys.”  Also known as the “Shark’s lawyer” because of his representation of Daymond John, Mr. Shrum is dedicated to protecting the intellectual property rights of creators, inventors, businesses and entrepreneurs, representing celebrities at all echelons and in all facets of the entertainment and creative industry and arts, as well as start-up businesses and entrepreneurs.

P.T. Barnum said that “the noblest art is one of making people happy.”  Mr. Shrum has a passion for defending those noble artists and others who are working creatively to achieve their dreams.


Trust lawyer & counselor for over 25 years

Like most brothers in the 70’s, Mr. Shrum and his brothers formed a band in which Mr. Shrum was the drummer.  In the early 1990’s, Mr. Shrum’s brothers decided to start an entertainment company with one of their old college roommates and call him to help them set up the corporation, draft the necessary agreements, and get affiliated with the performance rights organizations.  The process kindled a flaming desire to help the creators of the world fulfill their mission in life.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Shrum quit his current employment, attended Delaware Law School at Widener University and dedicated his career to defending creators and songwriters, helping them license, monetize and exploit their intellectual creations.  In addition to managing Shrum Hicks & Associates PC, Mr. Shrum is a professor at the Mike Curb School of Entertainment and Music Business where he teaches entertainment, licensing and copyright law.  Mr. Shrum practices in the following areas:

  • Intellectual property, including copyright, trademark and rights of publicity
  • Business transactions and contracts
  • Business formation and corporate structure
  • IP Litigation & Defense
  • Celebrity Endorsements

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Barry Neil Shrum, Music Row In Charge

In 2006, Mr. Shrum was Identified as one of “America’s Premier Entertainment Attorney” and nterviewed for a segment on Skynet Radio, which aired exclusively on United Airlines inflight radio.

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Relied upon & trusted, a great friend and wise lawyer.

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