For many years now, I have represented Freddie May in his various endeavors, including his production company Starpath Productions. About 10 years ago, Freddie started working with a young female artist living in rural Kentucky, Anne Marie Riney. Ann Marie had a passion for electronic dance music. Drawing from his experience as a DJ in Southern California, her passion fit squarely into Freddie’s wheelhouse. The two teamed up to form AMFM Entertainment (the name is an amalgam of their initials) and focus on what they dub “Pop/EDM” music.

Freddie has extensive experience in the music business, beginning his professional career in late ’60s Hollywood when his band The Power Plant was discovered and signed by the renowned producer Jimmy Bowen, known at the time for his work with Frank Sinatra (of course, Bowen would later go on to make his mark on country music, producing such notables as Reba, Garth and Strait, among others.

In the early ‘70s Freddie was signed as a solo artist to RCA Records where he performed on the pop music shows Boss City and Groovin’. He also worked in TV as a co-host and associate producer of the show The New Sound. During these years, Freddie also hosted and produced his own syndicated radio show called The Cosmotronic Quadrasonic Circus (The Quad Ear Show). Toward the end of the decade, when disco was growing in popularity, Freddie transitioned to became a popular dance club DJ in Southern California’s most successful clubs and continued doing this throughout the 1980s. By the early ‘90s Freddie relocated to Nashville where he reconnected with Bowen and worked in the A&R Department at RCA Nashville.DSC_0181

For her part, growing up in rural Kentucky far from the epicenter of any form of music,,Anne Marie nonetheless knew from an early age that she wanted to be a professional singer and entertainer:

“I have always been completely dedicated and passionate about singing, knowing exactly what I wanted to do. People assumed I was living a fantasy, as children often do, and that there was no way a little girl could know her life’s work at such a young age.”

Freddie recognized her vocal talent and intense passion, and Anne Marie immediately related to his vibe and \expertise. the two began the crucial development process and have been a dedicated team ever since.

Mogul Boys’ Geoff Sanderson recognized the potential for this new form of music and, together with the other members of the multi-faceted entertainment company, sought to work with and develop the talented duo.  Geoff made time between trips to Europe and elsewhere driving in his Masarati club to negotiate and sign a management deal with the team to propel their career to the next level.  Anne Marie can be seen featured on the home page of the Mogul Boys website.  The team plans to have a launch party soon, so stay tuned for details.