Mr. Shrum schedules initial consultations in 15 and 30 minutes increments for $150 or $300 respectively.  Due to his hectic schedules, Mr. Shrum does not offer free consultations or offer free telephonic advice.  Click here or below to schedule a consult and make a payment through Paypal.  Note that payment of the initial consultation fee does not engage the legal services of Mr. Shrum, but is a flat-fee based compensation for the review, including a consideration of the time and expense that must be incurred in order to properly serve you in this matter.  If after your consultation Mr. Shrum accepts representation, the consultation fee will be deducted from any additional retainer fees required but is otherwise non-refundable.

If you have a simple contract you’d like to discuss with an attorney, you may schedule a one-hour review and consultation for $750.

If you simply wish to inquire about the types of services offered by Shrum & Associates, please call use at 615.338.5130 or email us at and we’d be happy to respond to your general inquiry.