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Songwriter’s Corner is a collection of articles from the archives of both the original newsletter version of  Law on the Row and from its online sibling.  These articles will be of particular interest to songwriters.

All that glitters is not gold
Tips for ascertaining the legitamacy of online songwriting contests and band contests.

Fair is not always “Fair”
A discussion of the “fair use” defense

Music Publishing 101, Part 1
A brief history of music publishing
Music Publishing 101, Part 2
Forming a music publishing company.

 Music Publishing 101, Part 3
Pieces of the Publishing Pie

 Music Publishing 101, Part 4
Show me the money!

 Last Man Standing
Collaborating with other songwriters.

 Not Accepting Unsolicited Materials
What songwriters can do to protect their ideas when submitting demo tapes to publishers.

 Taming the Big Bad Record Company

Negotiating a record contract