My client, Ric Landers and Your Place or Mine Digital, LLC were instrumentally involved in the release of the new single, Some Sunday, written by Emmy nominated songwriter Bobby Don Bloodworth and recorded with his band the Gopher Broke Band.  The CD can be purchased here, or you can download and MP3 version.  Here is the YouTube video for the song:

Your Place or Mine Digital operates a multitrack portable digital studio, with mix down and mastering capabilities which Ric can set up at any location. 

Ric’s relationship with Bobby Don dates back to 1990 when he was the studio manager and chief engineer for the famous Denny Music Group in Nashville.  The duo decided to take the day off and go fishing on the Piney River when Bobby Don’s recording session was preempted by an emergency session for Allison Kraus.  The two have been friends ever since.

Bobby Don wrote Some Sunday as a retrospective on lessons that should have been learned from past wars, especially Vietnam, and to bemoan the hope of a quick end to the current conflict in Iraq.   Bobby Don served in the Navy during Vietnam and knows all too well the pain and loss that goes with the atrocity of war as an eye witness.