I want to take this opportunity and use this forum to wish Will Hoge and his beautiful family best wishes in this difficult and painful time, and offer my family’s prayers for a speedy recovery.  Will was one of my first clients when I started practicing entertainment law in Nashville — I negotiated one of his first publishing deals with Big Fish Entertainment — and he has always been one of my favorites.

Hoge is in Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center following an accident involving his motor scooter.  The accident occurred August 21st on Main Street in East Nashville. 

News reports surfacing today identified his condition as critical, but hospital officials state that he is expected to recover from his serious 1will-hogeinjuries. 

Hoge was apparently forced to collide into the passenger side of a Millicare Carpet Cleaning Van, which, according to police, failed to yield at a turn.  There was no evidence of alcohol or drugs involved in the accident.

Will is without question one of Nashville’s most talented Americana singer-songwriter performers in any genre – just the right blend of grit, rock, country, blues and soul rolled up in a big ball of scruff and playing a Stratocaster!

Will, 35 years old and Julia Schmidt have a beautiful 16-month old son, Peyton Liam Hoge.  Hang in there Will, and keep on rockin’ for us.