Law on the Row goes mobile!

For those readers sporting new iPhones, Blackberrys, Windows Mobile smartphones or even for those diehard Palm fans who own Treos, Law on the Row is extremely pleased to announce that it is going mobile!  The new mobile version loads faster on smaller devices with more limited web browsers.  Just type in the following URL on [...]

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Bobby Don releases “Some Sunday”

My client, Ric Landers and Your Place or Mine Digital, LLC were instrumentally involved in the release of the new single, Some Sunday, written by Emmy nominated songwriter Bobby Don Bloodworth and recorded with his band the Gopher Broke Band.  The CD can be purchased here, or you can download and MP3 version.  Here is [...]

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The Radiohead Model

Since it's release a year ago, Radiohead's online experiment with "pay-what-you-like" marketing has been blogged about, critiqued, and otherwise widely referenced as a viable model of marketing music in the Internet era.  Earlier this month, Radiohead's publishing company, Warner/Chappell, released a report that sheds light on the sales figures for In Rainbows.  The report was [...]

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